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Why Not All Weight Loss Supplements are FDA-Approved

Fitness experts and nutritionists agree that there is no single breakthrough drug or supplement that work like magic when it comes to achieving weight loss. In order to achieve real and long time weight loss effect, a regimen must include regular exercise and intake of balanced diets as basic Still due to limitations imposed by their profession or lifestyle, some individuals take weight loss supplements in order to achieve faster results.


However, many hold the misconception that only FDA-approved weight loss or fat burner supplements are effective. It is important to know that improvements in fitness aren’t pulled off with the help of fat burner supplements alone, even if the supplement is FDA approved.

Most weight loss success stories took a long time to accomplish and are results of time-tested lifestyle changes applied by way of exercise, diet, and coordinating with healthcare experts..

An FDA approval diet pill only guarantees that the product was checked for safety and effectiveness before a product is released in the market. Whatever claims made by the manufacturer on what the supplement can do as a weight loss or fat burning agent is the sole responsibility of the manufacturer.

Generally, most fat burner manufacturers claim that their product can help users lose weight as a result of the following:

Increased capacity of the body to burn fat to create a larger calorie deficit;
Enhanced ability of the body to stop absorbing too much fat from food intake, as a means to prevent storing excess energy in fat cells and;
Reduced craving or appetite for food while naturally limiting food choices.

Why Not All Supplements are FDA Approved?

If the weight loss drug doesn’t have FDA Approval, it does not mean that the efficacy, safety, and the resulting benefits are questionable. It’s just that the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 says that in the case of supplements, distributors and manufacturers of the dietary supplements like fat burners are not required to obtain the approval of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

The manufacturing firm is responsible for labeling the dietary supplements they distribute or manufacture, and in making claims about their safety and efficiency. Any representations about the effectiveness of their supplement should be supported by ample proof or evidence in case users complain that the claims are false or misleading.

However, manufacturers and distributors of weight loss supplements must register their products with the FDA before releasing them in the market. In case a consumer of their product has questions or has issues about their products, the FDA will be able to provide the name, address and contact number of the person tasked to address complaints put forward by consumers.

Some Supplement Manufacturers Also Act as Sole Distributor of Their Products

Inasmuch as manufacturers are responsible for answering any claims or issues against their brand of supplement, some leading brands of fat burners can only be bought directly from the manufacturer’s website. Where to buy the best female fat burner known as LeanBean is a question posed by many interested in buying this highly recommended fat burner. Apparently, LeanBean is not available in retail outlets since the product can only be ordered from the official LeanBean website.