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Why Do You Need Cosmetic Dentistry

If you’re looking to improve your smile, cosmetic dentistry from Mountain Sky Dental might be the answer. From teeth whitening to dental implants, cosmetic dentistry is an evolving field with a variety of options and treatments. But why would anyone want cosmetic dentistry in the first place? The answer lies in the way our teeth reflect not only on our physical appearance but also on our personality and image.

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What is Cosmetic Dentistry?

Cosmetic Dentistry is a dental practice that improves the appearance (not necessarily the functionality) of teeth and gums including bites. It focuses mainly on dental aesthetics – color, shape, size, position, alignment, as well as the general smile appearance.

Dental specialties that are mainly focused on dental aesthetics:
– Prosthodontic
– Orthodontics
– Periodontics

Cosmetic Dentistry involves the following:

  • The adding of dental material to either teeth or gums includes procedures such as bonding. Bonding can be used to treat a variety of issues, including improving the look of teeth or gums, fixing the damage, or strengthening teeth. Crowns (caps), porcelain veneers (laminates), and gum grafts are also common treatments.
  • The removal of tooth structure, including enamel and gums – enameloplasty, gingivectomy – is a common procedure.
    Whitening (teeth bleaching), laser whitening, and also gum depigmentation are all procedures that can be done to improve the appearance of your teeth.
  • Orthodontic treatment is intended to treat misalignment of teeth and improve the way a person’s face appears – it is meant to straighten teeth and improve the appearance of a person’s face.

What we perceive as beautiful is in the eye of the beholder because what we perceive as beautiful is often associated with intelligence and trustworthiness. Some studies have shown that people who are more attractive are employed quickly and even get a better paycheck. This led to people pursuing ways to become better in appearance by first improving the way they smile.

Cosmetic procedures provide restorative benefits in some cases. ‘Medically necessary procedures are usually covered by insurance. The majority of elective cases are not typically reimbursable. ‘Cosmetic dentistry is performed in many ways. The most common ways include simple procedures. ‘In addition, there are some procedures that require more complicated and specialized care.

Oral Surgeon Smile Tips

What makes you look really old? No, it is not the first grey hair or the first small wrinkles, but actually unkempt teeth. So that a beautiful smile opens doors and doesn’t let them slam right in front of your nose, a professional oral surgeon has some tips for a beautiful smile and healthy teeth.

oral surgeon

Tips for a beautiful smile from an oral surgeon

Professional prophylaxis

The saying “Better safe than sorry” is absolutely justified. So if you care about the health of your teeth and your beautiful smile, you should have the pearly whites checked at least once a year. Take the opportunity to have your teeth cleaned. Professional teeth cleaning not only polish what it takes. It also mineralizes it and cleans the last interdental spaces.

The optimal care at home

Daily oral hygiene is essential for a beautiful smile. Acidic food always attacks our teeth. As a rule, you should take your time half an hour after a meal before brushing your teeth. Remineralizing tooth gels, which should be used once a week, also help protect teeth from tooth decay. Beautiful teeth are no coincidence, that’s for sure. But with the right routine, you can do a lot for a well-groomed smile.

Bleaching: please whiten once

Coffee, tea and other colouring foods quickly turn the white of your teeth into yellow. Even regular brushing no longer helps with discoloured teeth. However, there is an elegant solution to tooth whitening. The methods have been tested many times and are harmless to dental health. Oral surgeons recommend in-office power bleaching, as it can be used in a fully monitored session.

Nutrition for healthy teeth

The number one enemy, of course, is sugar. It’s not hiding too tightly in all kinds of foods. Even where no one suspects it. Crisps, pickles, salad dressings and ready-made products, in particular, are full of the sweet poison that is the main source of tooth decay. Fresh fruits and vegetables are always healthier, even if some of them like citrus fruits are very acidic.

Correction of misaligned teeth using almost invisible splints

Those who were not fortunate enough to be blessed with beautiful braces in their youth often still suffer from the consequences as adults. With the help of almost invisible splints, you can correct misaligned teeth in adulthood.