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Excessive Weight or Obesity Adversely Impacts Toenail Health

Not a few podiatrists agree that obesity or excessive weight gain is a common condition among patients who suffer from a toenail infection known as onychomycosis. Also called toenail fungus, it is generally not life-threatening but should be brought to the care and attention of a podiatrist since pProper treatment must be based on the symptoms accompanying the infection.

Toenail fungus typically appears as a thickening and disfiguring condition of the toenail, which noticeably turns black once the infection worsens. If not treated early, the infection could advance into a state that requires injecting medications directly in the nail bed. In worst cases in which medication does not work, removal of the infected toenail by way of surgery becomes necessary.

People who are obese should be wary that their unhealthy weight doubles the rate of their susceptibility to onychomycosis. If an obese person is diabetic, the toenal fungus infection could be painful.

Most Common Symptoms of Onychomycosis

It is important to seek immediate treatment for toenail fungus because the infection could affect other toenails, fingernails and the skin. On that note, it would be best to examine your toenails to check for the following symptoms:

  • Nails are becoming brittle, which later thicken and warp, taking on odd shapes;
  • The toenails are becoming yellowish in color;
  • A toenail is loosening or separating from its nailbed;
  • Some bits and pieces of nail fragments are building up under the toenail.

Although self-care and self-medication using over-the-counter topical ointment may work, onychomycosis is known to recur if not properly treated.

Preventing the Occurrence of Onychomycosis

In order to protect your toenails against fungal infection, make it a habit to thoroughly wash your feet with soap and water especially between the toes. It’s also important to dry your feet thoroughly after every washing.

If in case your toenails are starting to discolor, allow your toenails to “breathe” by refraining from constantly covering your toenails with nail color.

Avoid trimming your toenails into a rounded shape; trim them straight across instead.

Lose some weight as soon as possible. Take note that your entire body weight applies considerable pressure on your feet and toes, when shifting from a sitting to a standing position and while walking around.

Actually, excessive weight and obesity have already been established as disorders. Mainly because if left unchecked, the excessive production and storage of fat tissues can lead to the development of other disorders such as type 2 diabetes, respiratory diseases, heart problems, hypertension and cancer. That is why podiatrists make it a point to review the medical history of patients before prescribing medications for onychomycosis.

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