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Why Hemp is Good for Our Body



The hemp plant is probably one of the most famous crops in the world. It has been used by different people for centuries, but it has fallen into disrepute due to the intoxicating properties of the THC it contains. Due to the strict drug laws, there is still hardly any research on THC-containing hemp, whereas THC-free hemp is already intensively cultivated and used throughout Europe for a variety of purposes. From cosmetics and food to clothing and even building materials, the hemp plant is extracted. As a result, it has proven itself as a versatile natural fiber, but what is behind the hemp health and beauty trend?

The hemp plant has three main components: leaves, flowers, and seeds. The versatile use makes the ingredients very famous, but the question remains: is hemp healthy? Hempseed is sold as food, for example for consumption, and sold from sites. They have long been seen as a “by-product” of the hemp industry, but after closer examination, it was found that these small inconspicuous kernels are anything but a useless by-product. The seeds consist of 25-35% valuable fatty acids, of which the particularly healthy polyunsaturated fatty acids make up by far the largest part. The composition of the various fatty acids (the so-called fatty acid profile) is also particularly optimal for human nutrition. Hemp seeds are also enriched with valuable tocopherols (vitamin E) which have a very good effect as antioxidants. Furthermore, the seeds consist of 20-25% valuable vegetable proteins, which are easily digestible and rich in essential amino acids. In addition to antioxidants, fatty acids, and proteins, the seeds also contain a variety of micro- and macronutrients with various health-promoting effects. The University of Tuscia has an extensive overview study on the subject of hemp seeds published last year.

Hemp Health & Medicine

The leaves and flowers of the hemp plant are enriched with a variety of so-called cannabinoids, including the psychoactive tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). So far, over 100 different cannabinoids have been identified in the hemp plant, with THC and cannabidiol (CBD) being the best researched. It was soon discovered that non-psychoactive CBD has some interesting health-promoting effects. It was found that CBD, presumably because of its effect on the so-called CB2 receptor, good anti-inflammatory effect developed. This CB2 receptor sits on the immune cells of the body and its activation leads to the attenuation of inflammatory processes. This effect is always desirable when inflammation becomes pathological, as is the case, for example, with chronic inflammatory diseases such as Crohn’s disease and rheumatism. In addition to the remarkable effect on inflammatory processes, an anti-psychotic effect has also been observed in CBD. Due to the promising indications, the effect of CBD on patients with schizophrenia has already been shown in Several Clinical Studies examined and found a good effect and tolerability.


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  • Hemp is a good source of high-quality proteins and fatty acids
  • Hemp contains antioxidants and many micro- and macronutrients
  • Hemp contains stable and durable fibers for textiles and building materials
  • Cannabinoids stimulate endogenous receptors of the endocannabinoid system
  • CBD can help with (chronic) inflammation

The big hemp hype – is hemp healthy?

The hemp plant is a versatile natural resource for valuable nutrients, robust fibers, and potential active ingredients for medicine. Each component of the plant is special in its own way: the fibers of the leaves form a stable material, the seeds are rich in valuable nutrients and the flowers have the largest proportion of bioactive cannabinoids, which are still the subject of intensive medical research. That’s why you can say with a clear conscience – yes hemp is healthy! Especially the seeds are small nutrient bombs, which are a perfect addition to the diet. CBD can be a wholesome natural alternative in various health contexts. In addition, there are numerous other cannabinoids, such as Cannabigerol, which have been shown in recent studies, among other things, an antibiotic effect showed.

Health Benefits Of Regular Sex

Scientists have proven that sex has a number of beneficial effects on your health, from longevity to pain relief. However, it is desirable to practice it regularly at least once a week. Scientists claim that sex is good for health. This mostly applies to women. Sexual enhancers like kamagra oral jelly can help in having regular sex.

However, the research conducted cannot say whether this is due to intercourse itself, the corresponding emotional state one experiences during intimacy, or the hormones released during intercourse.

How sex using kamagra oral jelly improves the health of the body

Helps fight infections

According to scientists from the University of Pennsylvania, having sex once or twice a week increases the formation of infection-fighting antibodies.

kamagra oral jelly

Rejuvenates and beautifies

The claim is based on the results of a study conducted at the Edinburgh Royal Hospital in Scotland. A group of experts looked through a one-way viewing glass at the participants in the experiment and tried to guess their age. It found that those who looked 7 to 12 years younger than their age had sex an average of 4 times a week.

According to experts, better appearance and self-confidence are due to sex. One reason is that sex increases the level of the hormone estrogen in women, which makes hair shiny and skin soft.

Burns the calories

According to experts, the calories obtained from eating four chocolates are melted in half an hour of love.

Treats headaches

The increase in endorphins and corticosteroids in the blood during arousal has been found to have a pain-relieving effect.

Helps with menstrual cycle disturbances

A series of studies by endocrinologists at Columbia and Stanford University prove that women who have sexual intercourse at least once a week have a more regular cycle than abstainers. According to scientists, intimacy itself is important, not orgasm. Regular devotion to your partner has amazing effects on your health and well-being.

May prevent prolapse

Women use the pelvic floor muscle to hold urine. With age, these muscles relax, and therefore women must make a much greater effort to avoid involuntary leakage of urine. But during sex, these same muscles are strained and this prevents the organs from falling into the small pelvis which is prolapse.

Supplements: Foods To Preserve Your Beauty And Health

Every woman wants to be in good health and become more beautiful as the years go by. Not only genes but also how you take care of your body is essential to your health and beauty.

For beautiful skin: Parsley, dark chocolate, and red sweet peppers

If you want to have healthy skin and keep its youthful appearance for a longer time, add these foods to your menu. They are rich in important antioxidants, vitamins A, C, and E, which help the regeneration of cells. They also contain alpha lipoic acid, which helps protect against pigmentation, and coenzyme Q10, which reduces the risk of early aging and the appearance of cancer.

For healthy breasts: Mushrooms, green tea, and broccoli

Scientists believe that regular consumption of certain foods can reduce the risk of developing breast cancer. Add mushrooms, green tea, and broccoli to your menu. They will provide you with antioxidants that have a strengthening and anti-inflammatory effect.

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For healthy and strong bones: Oranges, cheese, green leafy vegetables

You know that in order to have a healthy and well-functioning bone system, you need a sufficient amount of calcium and vitamin D. Calcium helps to absorb the sunshine vitamin. In addition, the two nutrients are also beneficial for eye health.

For hormone balance: Olive oil, walnuts, and oilier fish

Scientists recommend that for the normal functioning of the organs of the reproductive system and hormonal balance, women should include in their menu foods with a high content of omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin E, choline, and vitamin C.

To maintain a healthy weight and a beautiful figure: meat, eggs, and legumes

Proteins are very important for a number of functions in the human body. They provide you with energy, help build muscle mass and lose weight. You can get them through the consumption of animal and plant sources.

For women, the recommended daily protein intake is 1.2 to 1.7 g per 1 kg of body weight. This means that if you weigh 65 kg, the daily protein intake should be about 110 – 120 g. If you do active sports, the protein intake can be increased to 2.2 g per 1 kg of body weight.

You can also add dietary supplements to your diet like Alpilean. Read Alpilean customer reviews and discover how safe the ingredients are.

For the nervous system: Avocado, carrots, and beetroot

Another nutrient that you need not only during pregnancy, to be in good health, and to be beautiful and not suffer from sudden mood swings is vitamin B9. It is also called folic acid, which also helps to strengthen immunity.

What to Know About Human Growth Hormones and Acromegaly

In the normal growth of the human body, naturally-produced human growth hormones play an important role in the proper development of the cardiovascular system and the human body. In the event that the GH produced by the body is insufficient, the affected individual will be diagnosed as GH deficient. The examining physician will then prescribe growth hormone therapy as treatment. Still, medical supervision is necessary to reduce the risks of a GH side effect known as acromegaly.

However, the effectiveness of growth hormones is also dependent on the ability of the liver to produce a substance known as Insulin-like Growth Factor 1 (IGF-1), being the chemicals that initiate the growth and development process.
GH deficiency however usually occurs in children, as a remedy for dwarfism or stunted growth. In aging adults, GH therapy may also be recommended to increase the person’s bone density and muscle mass. As it is, the human body loses its ability to produce growth hormones as they advance in years. In most cases, aging adults who undergo HGH therapy, also experience improvements in skin elasticity.

Now here’s the thing with Human Growth Hormone therapy, the treatment involves the injection of man-made or synthetically produced growth hormones. That is why, medical supervision is necessary since overuse of the synthetic hormone can result to acromegaly.

What Exactly is Acromegaly and How Does It Affect the Human Body

Acromegaly happens when there is excessive use of synthetic growth hormone, which caused the development of a tumour in the pituitary gland. Acromegaly is different from gigantism since the excessive levels of growth hormones will cause random bone overgrowth in the hands, feet and face, rather than result in vertical elongation of bone growth that reach exceptional height levels. Gigantism usually occurs as a rare side effect of GH Therapy in a child.

In acromegaly, the afflicted person will experience other side effects such as heart disorder and high blood pressure. Rather than experience improved skin elasticity, a person suffering from acromegaly will develop coarse and hairy thick skin.

Long term use of synthetic GH can also cause acromegaly because the continuing effects of the synthetic hormone will influence the bone’s reabsorption ability. It so, the condition will not result to bone elongation but only to bone thickening and fusion with other bones.

Is There Treatment for Acromegaly

While some bodybuilders are known to use HGH as part of their muscle building regimen, they do so under the supervision of fitness trainers who are knowledgeable on how the synthetic hormone works. Growth hormone injectables not properly administered can result in acromegaly, which is an irreversible physical condition that can also cause cardiac failure. HGHLager gives caution that while the HGH manufactured in Europe are of high quality, they are recommended only for bodybuilding because the formulation can help increase muscle mass and bone density. Synthetic GH has not been proven to increase physical strength among users looking to support their weight training.

Bear in mind that there is no treatment for acromegaly because the physical developments and transformation are irreversible. It’s important to stop taking man-made HGH once abnormal bone growths start to appear. However, some have become addicted to the synthetic therapy that counselling becomes necessary in convincing a person to stop taking the synthetic injectables.