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What to Know About Human Growth Hormones and Acromegaly

In the normal growth of the human body, naturally-produced human growth hormones play an important role in the proper development of the cardiovascular system and the human body. In the event that the GH produced by the body is insufficient, the affected individual will be diagnosed as GH deficient. The examining physician will then prescribe growth hormone therapy as treatment. Still, medical supervision is necessary to reduce the risks of a GH side effect known as acromegaly.

However, the effectiveness of growth hormones is also dependent on the ability of the liver to produce a substance known as Insulin-like Growth Factor 1 (IGF-1), being the chemicals that initiate the growth and development process.
GH deficiency however usually occurs in children, as a remedy for dwarfism or stunted growth. In aging adults, GH therapy may also be recommended to increase the person’s bone density and muscle mass. As it is, the human body loses its ability to produce growth hormones as they advance in years. In most cases, aging adults who undergo HGH therapy, also experience improvements in skin elasticity.

Now here’s the thing with Human Growth Hormone therapy, the treatment involves the injection of man-made or synthetically produced growth hormones. That is why, medical supervision is necessary since overuse of the synthetic hormone can result to acromegaly.

What Exactly is Acromegaly and How Does It Affect the Human Body

Acromegaly happens when there is excessive use of synthetic growth hormone, which caused the development of a tumour in the pituitary gland. Acromegaly is different from gigantism since the excessive levels of growth hormones will cause random bone overgrowth in the hands, feet and face, rather than result in vertical elongation of bone growth that reach exceptional height levels. Gigantism usually occurs as a rare side effect of GH Therapy in a child.

In acromegaly, the afflicted person will experience other side effects such as heart disorder and high blood pressure. Rather than experience improved skin elasticity, a person suffering from acromegaly will develop coarse and hairy thick skin.

Long term use of synthetic GH can also cause acromegaly because the continuing effects of the synthetic hormone will influence the bone’s reabsorption ability. It so, the condition will not result to bone elongation but only to bone thickening and fusion with other bones.

Is There Treatment for Acromegaly

While some bodybuilders are known to use HGH as part of their muscle building regimen, they do so under the supervision of fitness trainers who are knowledgeable on how the synthetic hormone works. Growth hormone injectables not properly administered can result in acromegaly, which is an irreversible physical condition that can also cause cardiac failure. HGHLager gives caution that while the HGH manufactured in Europe are of high quality, they are recommended only for bodybuilding because the formulation can help increase muscle mass and bone density. Synthetic GH has not been proven to increase physical strength among users looking to support their weight training.

Bear in mind that there is no treatment for acromegaly because the physical developments and transformation are irreversible. It’s important to stop taking man-made HGH once abnormal bone growths start to appear. However, some have become addicted to the synthetic therapy that counselling becomes necessary in convincing a person to stop taking the synthetic injectables.