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Belly Fat And Health

With increasing age, a roll of fat appears here and there, your previously slim waist changes into a soft tummy. In the worst case, it grows into a respectable swimming ring. Women suffer more than men from the loss of a slim middle line, which is a primary sign of attractiveness. Poor diet, stress and lack of exercise are usually the causes of the increase in weight and fat. But fat is not just fat.

A belly that is too big makes you sick

The adipose tissue on and stored in the abdomen, the visceral fat, envelops and protects the internal organs. At the same time, however, it carries an increased risk of a variety of diseases, which is related to the high hormonal activity in this fatty tissue. It releases fatty acids that send out pro-inflammatory messenger substances. Hormones are released that have an unfavourable effect on blood pressure, blood lipids and blood sugar levels. Fat layers in other body regions are not as active in terms of metabolism. This means that not every little extra pad on the hips and buttocks is a health risk.

From a waist circumference of 80 cm in women and 94 cm in men, there is an increased risk of cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes mellitus. Arteriosclerosis, thrombosis and an increased risk of Alzheimer’s and cancer are also associated with being overweight and eating too much unhealthy fat. However, weight and size are not the only decisive factors. Overweight people with well-developed musculature can benefit little from it, and vice versa, lean people can also have stored visceral fat

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What to do to make the fat melt

As always, it’s a matter of dose. If you consume more food, your body stores more than necessary as a reserve for bad times. That is, if you want to reduce belly fat and risk, you need to reduce the fat around your internal organs. Unfortunately, there is no special “stomach loss diet” because the body falls back on all fat reserves when eating less.  The right diet and targeted exercise bring the desired success.

Having said so, check Ikaria lean belly juice and achieve a fit belly. The Ikaria lean belly juice can help you melt the unwanted fat away. It is a healthy juice suitable for both men and women.

Drink a lot, consciously eat a balanced diet low in fat and sugar, avoid stress and plan regular exercise and sports units then the fat content in the body will fall almost automatically. You can look forward to a better, healthier attitude to life.